Duct Cleaning

Interior duct cleaning of supply and exhaust ducts.

Disinfection of ducts

Interior disinfection of supply and exhaust ducts.

Air duct cleaning in exhaust systems in restaurants

HVAC maintenance (AHU, FCU etc.)

Air Filter

Mechanical air filters and duct removal system.Chemical air filter for odors.

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634063.TIF Experienced personnel

The Air Quality company is constituted of a well experienced mechanical and technical personnel in electromechanical installations. A full team of experienced mechanical engineers create a global cooperative team ready to give solutions to technical issues.

industrial (43) Indoor Air Quality
Air Quality specializes in HVAC maintenance and interior duct cleaning. The mechanical team of Air Quality has the knowledge and expertise to improve the indoor air quality of your building.
industrial (27) Methodology

The methodology of Air Quality is based on European and national organizations such as EVHA , Euro vent, Nadca, US EPA.

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