General HVAC inspection

The inspection of air conditioning systems is carried out on the Air Handling Units and the relevant air conditioning machinery. If correct actions are taken, in accordance with our report, your air conditioning system will operate with the highest efficiency and with the minimum possible damages.

The HVAC inspection consists of the following actions:>

  • Inspection of the coils.
  • Inspection for air leakage through the AHU’s components.
  • Inspection of the air filters.
  • Inspection of the fans and their impellers.
  • Inspection of the belts.
  • Inspection of the hot coil where available.
  • Inspection of the drains for all AHU units.
  • Measurement of every AHU’s fan frequency.
  • Temperature measurement of the inlet and outlet air.
  • Measurement of the inlet and outlet air velocity.
  • Measurement of each coil’s incoming and out coming water temperature.
  • Measurement of the outlet humidity.
  • Measurement of the fans’ bearings.
  • Measurement of each fan’s RPM.

The measurement instruments are shown in the picture below.