Air duct disifection in air conditioning systems

Air duct disinfection is applied after the air duct mechanical cleaning procedure or independently. It is one of the most important maintenance operations of the air ducts, as the harmful microorganisms are conveyed through the entire duct system by the natural air flow. The use of suitable chemical liquids ensures the best possible indoor air quality (IAQ).
Specifically, the disinfection of all existing air supply, circulation and ventilation duct network includes the following tasks:

  • Side access doors’ removal from each air handling unit (A.H.U.).
  • Opening access doors wherever it is required within the air duct network.
  • Nebulization: disinfecting solution using specialized portable devices. The fogger controls the disinfectant liquid’s supply and can adjust accordingly the size of the produced droplets.
  • Air duct disinfectant fluids can destroy a wide range of microorganisms, including fungi, bacteria, and germs of tuberculosis and legionnaire's disease.


The disinfection of central air conditioning units is one of the most important procedures for protecting people from the effects of airborne microorganisms (microbes) and maintaining a good indoor air quality (I.A.Q).

Respiratory infections that afflict the staff and customers who remain in buildings with central air conditioning systems (A.H.U.) are caused by poor air quality, which results from the bad maintenance of the air conditioning systems. Scientific studies record the frequent transfer of viruses through the air conditioning systems.

Disinfection is achieved by the usage of suitable chemicals with certified action and effect. The application of these products is realized by spraying or misting within the air ducts.