Mechanical air duct cleaning

The Indoor Air Quality is the subject of research and questioning for the entire global community .The term I.A.Q refers to the effects of various factors on human health, which relate to components of the air we breathe in indoor air-conditioned spaces. The maintenance of air duct network is required in order to ensure good quality air conditioning and ventilation (on the part of good hygiene and comfort conditions (I.A.Q.).

The internal mechanical cleaning of the supply, circulation and ventilation air ducts, is the first stage of the H.V.A.C hygiene.

Brief description of air duct mechanical cleaning:

  • Opening of access doors to the rectangular or circular ducts. The various individual components of the cleaning equipment are positioned within the air ducts via these accesses, and the existing flow or ventilation orifices. We ensure that only the indispensable steps will take place, which will not affect the structure and durability of the installation.

  • Removal of solid deposits (dust, fluff, etc.) located within the air duct network. This is achieved by using special instruments (Airbrush systems). These components are designed exclusively for the interior cleaning of vents, offering possibilities for adjusting the angle of impact and the air pressure to optimize cleaning.
  • Alongside the interior cleaning we apply strong suction in order to remove all particles from inside the duct and to collect them with vacuums equipped with prefilters, bag filters & Hepa filters.

AIR-QUALITY has the most modern equipment for internal duct cleaning. The required equipment comes from the USA. Regardless the excellent quality of equipment, we have experienced technical and scientific personnel, which are characterized by responsibility and sound training, facing every application with consistency and reliability. During operations the presence of a Mechanical Engineer with specialization in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a necessary condition.

Our modern equipment specifically includes:

  •  Special vacuum machines with absolute filters (HEPA FILTERS), efficiency 99.999 % at MPPS 0,3mm or 99.995 % (class H14). These machines have powerful fans flow of 2000m3/h up to 6000m3/h.
  •  Especially pneumatic nozzles designed for internal duct cleaning regardless the ducts’ diameter. The nozzles have the ability of going through the duct network for up to 40 consecutive meters without the need of opening any access doors.
  •  Check of purity by a ROBOT equipped with cameras, in order to record the inner network of air ducts before and after the completion of cleaning. The possibility of continuous ROBOT recording is up to 40 m in any direction within the duct.
  •  Air pollutant measurements before and after cleaning the air ducts using special recording (upon request).

The Absolute Filter of H14 class is used so that the we can contain dust particles smaller than 1μm.