Health service - Air handling unit (A.H.U.)

The maintenance works included in the cleaning and hygiene procedures of A.H.U. are:

  • Removal  of the A.H.U. side access doors.
  • Removal of the pre-filter and cleaning with compressed air and water and disinfection of the pre-filter.
  • Mechanical cleaning of the coil surface with compressed air. Removal of pollutants. Spraying the surface with specially formulated chemical cleaning solution with a characteristic aroma for the detachment of the pollutant remains. Water spray. Spraying the coil with disinfectant.
  • Mechanical cleaning of the shell, the fan and the fan motor. Removal of pollutants.

  • Mechanical cleaning of the condensate collection tank. Removal of pollutants. Filling the tank with water and check of condensate removal through drains. Correction of any blockages. Leak test the tank and check of the external insulation state. Disinfection of the tank with disinfectant.
  • Mechanical cleaning of the frame’s inner surface of the AHU, dampers, mist eliminator and generally of the AHU’s internal parts.
  • Repositioning of the A.H.U side access doors.
  • Measuring return and supply fan bearings with specialized measuring equipment.