Air Quality deodorization systems

AIRQUALITY, designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of deodorant systems suitable for various applications:


The deodorizing filter system is applied in:

  • Deodorization in Restaurants
  • Deodorization in all kinds of foodservice sites
  • Deodorization in industry
  • Deodorization in biological cleaning sites
  • Deodorization in sewage pumping stations

The systems consist of:
Boxes with frame made of reinforced aluminum profiles. They are made of 1,25 mm galvanized metal, while internally there are special drivers from aluminum profiles mounted for supporting and sealing the filters.

The deodorant side doors bear elastic gaskets for controlling and replacing the filters. We also manufacture special support and protection cover from the rain.

1st and 2nd Stage
Aluminum Filter of G2 class with stainless steel or aluminum mesh for retaining moisture and fat. Profile  48mm
3rd Stage
Synthetic Filter of G4 class, waveform shaped, to retain large particles and oil residue.
4th Stage
Fixed plastic bag filters of F8 class according to the EN779 of high capacity in order to contain large particles of smoke.
5th Stage
HEPA filter of H12 class according to the EN1822 for the restraint of small particles of smoke.
6th & 7th Stage
Chemical cleaning filter , canister formed or cartridge containing charcoal, or a mixture of activated carbon and activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate for retaining odors.
8th Stage
Synthetic air filter waveform shaped of G4 class according to the EN779



Our company as a manufacturer of deodorization systems has experienced technical staff for the maintenance and replacement of deodorization systems filters . The applications concern restaurants, sewage pumping stations, organic cleaning etc.