Air duct cleaning of exhaust systems in restaurants

The ventilation system of a restaurant is one of its most functional areas. Taking a quick look into the kitchen site, someone who isn’t familiar with the subject of ventilation will rarely deal with the interior of the hood.

Following our long experience in electromechanical equipment we are now able to provide solutions to problems that are mostly faced by restaurateurs.

A common phenomenon is the accumulation of fat and oil deposits along the ventilation air duct system including the exhaust fan and hood filters.


Indicative problems in ventilation networks:

  • Oversizing of the ventilation motor resulting in accumulation of fat and oil deposits in the box of the exhaust fan.
  • Retention of oil along the network and appearance of oil concentrates on the restaurant’s roof.
  • Incorrect inclination or (in better terms) air duct inclination failure etc.

Frequent cleaning of the ventilation duct means::

  • Preventing the risk of fire
  • Energy saving through the fan motor.
  • Increase of the ventilation system’s efficiency.
  • Healthy and proper operation of the ventilation system.

AIR-QUALITY has suitable equipment to remove oil and grease from the interior of the restaurant air ducts. Experienced technical and scientific personnel undertakes the removal of contaminants throughout the ventilation exhaust system. The procedure consists of scraping the deposits using biodegradable chemical, suitable for dining areas, or by using steam at high temperature.