Our Company

Our Philosophy

AIR QUALITY operates in the field of electromechanical maintenance and facilities, focusing on the sale, maintenance, repair and installation of air conditioning systems. Since 2010 part of our company exclusively deals with services related to interior cleaning of vents, ventilation systems and air conditioning networks.

Acquiring constantly valuable experience and extending both the technical knowledge and our standards of services, we dynamically evolved into one of the leading technical air duct cleaning and disinfection services provider in Greece and Cyprus. Amongst our customers are large public organizations, hospitals, private and shipping companies.

AIR QUALITY focuses its strategy on flawless customer service and cooperation with its partners, while constantly looking for innovative ideas and solutions. Because of this we have built a sterling reputation and secured market leadership. Our company, following continuous growth, is now serving a steadily increasing clientele covering all Greece. The main objective of the company is to fully meet customer needs in the shortest possible time with maximum efficiency.